Turning Your Empty Nest Into the Home Office You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Turning Your Empty Nest Into the Home Office You’ve Always Dreamed Of

“Back to School” is fast approaching! This time it’s a little different though. The kids aren’t getting first day of school outfits prepared or figuring out their lunch schedule, instead they’re packing up their cars and heading off to college! We know for the parents it can be both a heart wrenching and an exciting experience. Now that they’re settled into their new space, you may want to start thinking about what to do with that spare room in your home.

It is better to fill the room than be staring at an empty nest, right? So turn it into something that will serve you and your family in a positive way. A home office is a great alternative to transforming their old room into a productive space!


No home office is complete without a spacious and modern desk. You want to choose a desk that will accommodate your needs when working on the computer, filling out paperwork or looking over notes. Minimize the bulk with desks that have plenty of legroom and only 1 -2 drawers or less. Clean cut lines and a sleek silhouette prevents the room from feeling cluttered and stuffy.


Choose comfort and convenience for your home office chair. Modern office chairs are built to have an ergonomic design for long hours at your desk. Look for chairs that are sturdy, flexible and accommodating. You want to have excellent lumbar support and ideal posture to prevent any unnecessary stress or discomfort. Many office chairs have classic mid-century modern designs with added features specifically made for home offices such as adjustable seating and wheels on the legs.

If you find yourself growing restless at your desk, add a cozy lounge chair in the corner to take breaks in. An additional chair is excellent for more than one person to use the office at the same time or to take at-home meetings.


Natural lighting from a window is ideal when working from home. However, it is wise to have another light source especially when working on a computer or reading paperwork. Desk lamps will provide much needed focused light when working from your desk. Flood lights can be energizing for increased productivity. Lamps with shades will help diffuse light for a more subdued atmosphere. Standing floor lamps can easily be moved depending on where you need the light directed. Consider the work that needs to be done and the hours of the day you will be spending the most time in your home office.

Bookshelves / Partitions

Bookshelves can stand alone or be converted into partitions to separate and section space. Store books and documents or display collectibles and decor. Minimal and unique bookshelf designs will add an eye-catching element to your home office without overcrowding.

Bookshelves and partitions add scale and depth to the space. Bookshelves make it possible to avoid clutter by keeping organization and structure a focal point in the home office design.  Modular designs give you more control when changing the width and height of shelving for different size books, devices and decor. Some contemporary bookshelves even come with shelving and enclosed compartments / cubbies to display and to conceal items.

If you want to separate the room into two spaces, whether it is two offices in one room or one section for working and one section for reading / lounging, a modern partition will offer the ability to do so without being cumbersome. Many modern bookshelves and contemporary partitions are built for smaller spaces by having spacious and modular options.

File Cabinets

Modern file cabinets aren’t your typical aluminum design. Many modern file cabinets offer wooden with metal or wood handle design options. These provide a warmer and more attractive alternative for an at-home office design. File cabinets are essential for reducing clutter and keeping items organized. Their spacious tops can serve as the perfect spot for your state-of-the-art printer or a cleverly placed office lamp.

Once your home office is set up, you will be thrilled to have it! However, don’t fret If your college bound student ever decides to move back home.  Modern furniture is lightweight, airy and versatile. It can easily be integrated into a bedroom setting, if necessary.

While it can be a tad gloomy without one of the kids at home, it is best to not waste any time in turning that extra room into something useful that will bring you joy and add to your home aesthetics!

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