Convert your home to a stress-free environment in 6 easy steps

Convert your home to a stress-free environment in 6 easy steps

With workplaces, schools and daycares taking precautionary measures to ensure your safety and protection, this is the perfect time to turn your home into a suitable, stress-free space for you and your family to work and to play!

Creating a Workspace with Mobile Furniture 

Now that you are home and the kids are home too, let’s come up with helpful ways to keep your eyes on your little rugrats while also getting your work done from home. Designating one room of the house, such as the living room, to keep everyone in one place at the same time will help keep a more controlled environment. With the high-anxiety happening outside, you can find peace of mind in the comfort of your home with your loved ones. 

A compact mobile desk, capable of fitting in a variety of spaces, with an ergonomic desk chair will bring comfort and stability to help you achieve your daily goals and complete your workload. It will keep things simple and stress-free! Be sure to get ample lighting but avoid fluorescents. A well-placed desk lamp or stylish standing lamp will allow you to get even more work done after hours, once the kids are in bed for the night. 

Recommended Desks 

Swag Leg Desk

Gordon Desk

200 Series Standup Desk Adjustable & Mobile

Scoop Laptop Cart

Recommended Office Chairs 

Organic Office Chair

Wire Office Chair

Jam Office Chair

Keen Office Chair


Keeping Your Workspace Organized and Tidy 

If you don’t have an extra room to spare or you are working in close quarters, separating space using partitions, modular shelving units and bookshelves is another easy solution to keep your home peaceful while the whole family is venturing about it’s 4 walls. The more organized things are, the better everyone can concentrate, free from as many distractions, no matter what is happening around you. Partitions are generally mobile, so they can easily be moved around and placed where you want them. If one layout is not working for you, readjust it to meet your needs. 

Recommended Partitions and Shelving Units

Lilac Screen

Panel Screen

Perf Boxes

Way Basics Modular Storage Cubes

Adding Workspace Lighting 

Blue lights are another option for after hours or during the day when you need to clear your head. Studies have shown blue lights help to reduce stress and anxiety. No need to replace every white light bulb with a blue one. We recommend 1 or 2 lamps for 20 minutes or more, to help you feel more relaxed at home. Ditch the fluorescent lights too! Even soft lighting creates a calming ambience to your space that will provide oodles of relief when being jolted out of your normal routine. Natural lighting from windows is ideal during the day, but if the room you choose has dim lighting, it is beneficial to lighten things up with adjustable lamps to direct light where you want it. 

Recommended Lighting

Eternity Extended Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Solaris Table Lamp

Delta Desk Lamp


Making a Space for Young Children 

For the kids, a modern child-size play table with matching chairs or a comfy, cozy reading chair will help them stay put and stay focused while they read, draw, color or make crafts during the day. It is also helpful to have a kiddy gate handy, to keep them from roaming the entirety of the house. This will reduce the need to clean and disinfect every area of the home! As we know, kids can be messy and they have a tendency to put everything in their mouths, especially in their toddler years. You won’t have to worry if you “missed a spot,” when things are neat, orderly and contained in one room. 

It may sound like you’re quarantining spaces within the home, not to worry! It is helpful in the long run if you and your family plan to stay inside and accomplish goals set while under the same roof.

Recommended Kids Furniture

Little Modern Table Set

Bastille Cafe Kids Dining / Activity Set

Hiya Rocker

Little Reader Chair

Nuzzle Baby Lounger


Help Your Teens Stay on Track 

If you have teenagers at home, many schools have provided them with extra curricular work to complete before they return. You don’t have to skimp on style even if you are creating a temporary workspace. Modern folding desks and stacking chairs can be used as a helpful workstation to complete homework. They can easily be stored away to reduce clutter once everyone’s schedules go back to normal. Too many days away from school can breed laziness! Help them stay studious by creating brand new accommodations for their workload. Even a few furnishings will help do the trick. 

As tacky as it might look (no pun intended!), a dry erase white board or bulletin board is useful! Add some helpful reminders for yourself and your kids such as, “don’t forget to wash your hands,” and “clean up your mess!” Typically, we might let things slide, but it’s not the time for less than average diligence. Plus, it will help stop the run-away train of worries about germs and bacteria around the common areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. 

Recommended Folding & Mobile Desks

Nimbus Folding Table 

Oxton 30” Round Folding Table

Recommended Stacking Chairs

Lily Stacking Chair

Raymond Stacking Chair

Bastille Stacking Chair

Phantom Stacking Chair

Add Personal Touches to Your Workspace 

To reduce stress even further, consider adding accents and home decor to give you that “zen-like” feeling to your workspace. Aim for modern wall art and sculptures with both soothing appeal and minimal imagery. The less busy it is, the better. Household plants are another great way to add personal touches to your workspace. The Snake plant, Spider plant, Chrysanthemum, Peace Lily and English Ivy, all thrive indoors and they can help purify the air too! 

Recommended Accents & Decor 

Mountain Stream Canvas Wall Art


Mantra Love Wall Decor

Mariposa Wall Decor

Small Quartz Table Accent

Balance Thinking Sculpture


Incorporate Relaxation Exercises Throughout Your Day

Taking time out of your day to relax is essential to staying focused and stress-free. Listening to soothing music, meditating for 15 minutes or more with guided audio and simple stretches found in yoga can bring balance to your day especially while indoors for extended periods of time. 

We know it can be a challenge balancing work, children and home life especially if you are doing everyone’s job, plus your own! Designing a peaceful environment, creating a fun yet organized space for your kids and making a structured space to achieve your work goals will help lighten the load! 

Inmod offers fast delivery on all in-stock items with the option for white glove delivery services. You will receive your items quickly and easily. 

Don’t stress! These are simple solutions for a less-than-normal schedule lately. Life will be put back together again in no time at all. 


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