Shop Smart! 10 Helpful Tips for Buying Furniture Online

Shop Smart! 10 Helpful Tips for Buying Furniture Online

Ready to decorate that spare room? How about new home office furniture? A baby on the way? You don’t have to go into a store to buy furniture but you do want to know how to do it right when shopping online!

Buying furniture online is simple and convenient. Check out Inmod’s 10 helpful tips for online furniture shopping to shop smarter and save more!

Tip #1

Be sure to ask for fabric swatches if you are unsure about a color or material. We send them out for free! Sometimes, the color you see on one screen, like your cellphone, could look different on another screen, like your laptop or tablet. If you are having any doubts, be sure to ask for swatches beforehand.

Tip #2

Double-check lead times for your order. If items are on backorder or it is a custom order, it can take longer than an item that is in-stock. Whatever it is, the style, value and quality will make it worth the wait.

Tip #3

Some items require light assembly such as screwing on legs or putting drawers together. We offer different levels of delivery options that can help you kick back, relax, and not have you lift a finger!

Tip #4

Don’t forget to read the description and the features of the item you want. If you are unsure about a specific item, feel free to call customer support to find out more. We are happy to help!

Tip #5

Read our customer reviews about a specific item to see what others are saying about it and to stay up-to-date on the product you have your heart set on.

Tip #6

Take advantage of sales, promotions, discounts and financing options on an item if you can’t afford the full amount at the time of purchase. When you sign up for our rewards account, it provides points and discounts for your future orders!

Tip #7

Explore our huge selection of high-quality items. You might be shopping for a velvet sofa but a retro lounge chair could catch your eye. It doesn’t hurt to take a look around!

Tip #7

Check out our blog. Good online furniture stores always have blogs. You can get smart tips and advice on interior design, furniture and special offers (kind of like this blog you are reading right now!) Keep a lookout for our promotional rewards and amazing giveaways! You can also sign up for our e-newsletter to have them sent directly to you without any work on your part.

Tip #8

Understanding quality is very helpful! Some online furniture stores are catered towards a specific audience. For example, we sell high-quality reproductions of famous mid-century modern furniture. We also sell original contemporary and modern designs. Some furniture sites sell anything and everything, even if the quality isn’t up to our standards. We make sure we sell the best quality items for our customers.

Tip #9

Return to the furniture website to shop if you love the item you received. This comes in handy if you had any doubts at first, but you want to check it out again.

Tip #10

Give yourself a round of applause for getting smarter about online furniture shopping!

With these 10 helpful tips for buying furniture online, you won’t have to step inside another furniture store again. Shop smart, save more and do buy online!

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