5 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Side Table

5 Helpful Tips for Choosing a Side Table

While small details may go overlooked in your home’s design, side tables—also referred to as end tables or accent tables—add to a room’s style and functionality. They are convenient and a good way to fill empty spaces between chairs and sofas—whether for food and drink or simply a place to set down your book or phone. To help you find the right furniture, here are five helpful tips for choosing a side table.


The first question you should ask yourself is what you’ll use your side table for. All side tables, at the least, are small surfaces used to hold objects, but some side tables have more to offer. For instance, side tables used as nightstands typically include a cabinet or cubby for extra storage space. Other side tables may include a small drawer that allows you to store a book or similar object without taking up surface space.


Another helpful tip for choosing a side table is to consider the table’s shape. This plays a role in both the style and function of the table. For instance, modern side tables feature geometric designs with clean lines, simple curves, and a sleek appearance. This geometric shape can help it fit more comfortably in a room than if you were to use a more traditional side table.


Similarly, you must account for the amount of space you have to work with. You don’t want to end up with a side table that is too big and intrusive or too small and inconvenient. Ensure you measure the area you intend to place the side table in before you start shopping around.


Of course, you want the side table to look good—complementing your home’s style and meshing well with existing furniture. Modern end tables are typically more versatile in design because they tend to be on the minimalist side.


Lastly, you probably want the best investment possible. For that reason, you’ll want a long-lasting side table; thus, you should consider the material your side table is made from. Metals such as aluminum are strong and corrosion-resistant, making it a great choice if maximizing the lifespan is most important to you.

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