The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Your Coffee Table

The Dos and Don’ts of Styling Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are excellent focal points for living rooms, as they provide a natural and practical centerpiece for you to gather around when socializing with family and friends. While a coffee table may just seem like a convenient place to rest drinks and food, it can do more. Knowing how to use your coffee table to your advantage can greatly improve the room visually. Whether you have a modern wooden coffee table or an ornate glass one, you should look into the dos and don’ts of styling your coffee table.

Coffee Table Styling Dos

Let’s begin by going over the things you should aim to carry out when incorporating a coffee table in your home.

Achieve a Balance

When decorating your coffee table, you should strive for balance rather than symmetry. For example, if you place one large object on one side of the coffee table, you should try a collection of smaller items on the other side. This achieves a pleasant design without having everything perfectly symmetrical.

Add Your Personal Touch

Everyone should make their coffee table unique by adding their own personal touch. As the focal point of the room, a coffee table is a good place to show off your favorite belongings, such as your collections, heirlooms, or simply your favorite memorabilia.

A Touch of Greenery

You can never go wrong by adding plants to your coffee table. Nature is a naturally pleasing element, so a small potted plant will never go amiss. A bit of greenery can bring lots of life to both the table and the room. So figure out what your favorite flower is, and try adding it to your designs.

Coffee Table Styling Don’ts

When considering the dos and don’ts of styling your coffee table, the don’ts often have to do with focusing on a single aspect too heavily or simply going overboard. For example, using small items is a good way to achieve balance and add a sense of texture to your table, but you don’t want to add too many. Otherwise, your coffee table will look cluttered. Furthermore, if you over-decorate your coffee table, it may lose its function as a place to hold your drinks while you socialize. Striking that balance between functionality and style is crucial for a wonderful coffee table.

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