A Customizable Classic

Inmod Fiberglass Chair

At Inmod, we celebrate and admire the work of great designers like Charles and Ray Eames.  That’s why we believe that if you are going to reproduce work of this caliber, that you need to do it right.  The Inmod Molded Fiberglass Shell Chairs are inspired reproductions of the Eames originals. What sets these reproductions apart though, is that they are made of fiberglass like the originals. While other reproductions may look similar in an image, it’s impossible for plastic to capture the detail and beauty of fiberglass’ surface texture.  We offer these chairs with your choice of color and base.  Take a closer look at the Inmod Molded Fiberglass Armchair, Inmod Molded Fiberglass Rocker, and Inmod Molded Fiberglass Wire Base Chair and see the difference for yourself.

About Alexandra Dedovitch

Alexandra Dedovitch has a B.A. in Multimedia Communications and English. She is a professional writer, artist and designer. Her passion for writing, travel and design has led her to settle her roots in Arizona, a hub for modern and eclectic style. She is the founder of Folk Heart Creations, a blog dedicated to travel and self-expression through art and design. She has worked for Inmod since 2013, both in-house and freelance.

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