Some Dark Green for Your Decor

Maybe it’s all the Christmas stuff going on that has dark green on my mind. From trees to garland to wreaths to everything else Christmas-y, dark green seems to be everywhere this week. So why not find what kind of dark green we have for your decor over at Inmod?

Dark green is neutral enough to bring it in with big pieces, such as sofas and chairs. Yet it adds some color that can be perfectly accessorized with bright jewel tones or crisp whites and beiges. It also works in small doses, as in mirrors and lamps, for a quick unexpected pop of color, where a black or brown might usually be found.

So, here we go with the dark green picks from Inmod:

1) Hans Wegner Plank Style 2 Seater Sofa
2) Elden Loveseat
3) Sean Dix Collection Mod Corner Chair
4) Lights Up! Flight Floor Lamp
5) 4705 Celecot Area Rug
6) Babette Holland Target Mirror
7) Jaxx 3′ Mini Sac
8) Aunt Bucky Turtle Plaid Crib Fitted Sheet

What are your thoughts on dark green within your decor?

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