Inmod Spirit: Sputnik Style

A couple of weeks ago, I turned to our Facebook and Twitter fans to show us some Inmod spirit, meaning photos of Inmod items showcased in your home or office or commercial space. So today we have our first feature from Ash Meer of Brooklyn, NY.

From Ash’s email:

“Hi Katie, I am a motion graphics designer and filmmaker, and here is our Inmod Sputnik lamp in our living room.  We installed it when we did a renovation in 2007 and still love it. We live in a very pretty part of Brooklyn, NY called Prospect Heights, near Prospect Park. Our building was built in 1923 and was once the home of Max Fleischer, creator of Betty Boop and one of major figures in animation history.  When we first thought of renovating, we were hoping to keep some of the original details, but when we discovered how much the space had already been altered and how poor the state of the apartment was, we realized that it made more sense to start fresh.  We have three kids, so we wanted something that felt fun and modern, without being too hard to look after.  The affordability of the Inmod sputnik lamp made it a natural choice to pair with our vintage modern pieces.”

Shown above is a picture of the Sputnik lamp in Ash’s home, along with a picture of the 24″ 24 Arm Sputnik from our website.

Thank you Ash for sharing! If you would like to share your Inmod Spirit with us, please email photos to katie@inmod.com.

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