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Have you ever seen a TV stand as fabulous as the Gramercy TV Stand above? The unique shape of this modern entertainment center sets it apart from the rest.

With two storage parts, the base and the mezzanine, you can arrange the Gramercy TV Stand as close together or as far apart as you like – by sliding the two pieces together. If you have a larger wall space to cover, the ability to spread out the two parts adds to your options!

Available in the finish of your choice, the Gramercy TV Stand is made of hardwood with a stainless steel base that provides an asymmetrical design to your modern living room or family room. It also has two large drawers to store all of the clutter that comes with TVs and entertainment consoles.

The best part is that the Gramercy TV Stand is currently on sale! Purchase it today and you will save 10% off of your order – you can’t beat it!

How will you arrange the Gramercy TV Stand – with the two pieces close together or further apart?

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