Monkeying Around, Inmod Style!

The other day I was browsing our site and I stopped to admire our Siella Micos Chair Collection. These chairs are so fun, I can’t stop thinking about them! In addition to radiating coolness, these chairs are also eco-friendly and handmade. You can have just one as a living room side chair (although I don’t know how you could pick just one) or purchase a set and use them in your dining room or kitchen. I love the picture above sent in from one of our customers with a sense of humor! These “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil” themed chairs got my co-workers and me talking. As it was a Friday afternoon and the week was coming to an end, Jourdan (aka Web Content Janitor), thought we should do our own version of these chairs, so we pulled out some lollipop stools and the monkeying around began.

And now may I introduce…Ralph! This picture of Ralph pretty much summarizes how he spends most of his days at the office. However, he sometimes does put on his working cap, and when he does he can pretty much do anything. Ralph is officially Inmod’s Web Content Wizard and is responsible for getting all of the new lines up on the site, helping maintain existing products and managing the web team’s music rotation (much to my dismay).

Doesn’t it look like Inmod is a super fun office? What do you think about the Siella Micos Chairs? Doesn’t Ralph make those Lollipop Stools look fabulous?

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