Stark Contrast Bachelor Pads

Bachelor pads aren’t all made the same and it’s pretty likely that one will not be suitable for another – it’s all about personalizing to fit you. On another note, just because you’re a bachelor, doesn’t mean you have to have a place that looks like a teen lives in it. That means you don’t have to have video games and your favorite band or singer’s posters hanging on your walls. No; You can have a sleek, clean and classy space that you love to call “home”. Here are two really great bachelor pads with a stark contrast in style, but definitely fit the modern bachelor pad style.

High ceilings, tall glass windows that look out to a great big city skyline, and a dark brown color scheme throughout this bedroom offer a bachelor just the kind of space he’d be looking to call “his own”. Or maybe try something a little different…

Like a chic modern living room with a cozy sectional paired with a faux fur area rug and beautiful solid wood accents. What man wouldn’t want to call this space “home”?

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