New Products Designed By “SHAG!”

We’re excited to announce new items added to our site, designed by the one and only “SHAG!” Best known for his cartoon-like mid-century style vividly colored paintings, he’s now designed retro home decor to compliment your mid-century or modern home. Here’s a breakdown of these cool, quirky products.



With only 100 of these made, you’ve got yourself a real piece of art. This curvaceous, full-size sculpture reminiscent of a womanly silhouette is made to withstand environments in or outdoors. As an added bonus, the Phaedra also includes a serigraph that SHAG himself drew on and signed! You can’t beat that.

Mini Phaedra

A miniature version of the original Phaedra, this is the perfect way to add a Shag-inspired piece of art to an office, side table, or tv stand.

Modular Tandem Seating Bench

Make the stylish and ominous surroundings of a Shag painting come to life. Mid-century style with the option of 8 cushions with a moveable side table or 12 cushions all the way across, this piece is truly versatile. Showcase the material of your choice beneath the glass to make it your own!

Artscape Room Divider

Through the Artist Series, this piece was SHAG inspired and designed by Michelle Bickford. The whimsical circular outline shares the same style as the Phaedra, with an added sleek Mahogany planter box to showcase your green thumb.

Check them all out and find more information HERE!

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