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Inmod Area Rugs

Rugs have come a long way from functional pieces meant to protect your floor and keep your feet warm on cold winter days.  Rugs today are all about style and the kinds of style are as diverse as the kinds of homes they are used in. There are retro rugs, organic rugs, shag rugs, pop art rugs, rugs from top designers, and rugs of all shapes. No matter what time of home you have or what your sense of style, there is a rug for you.

Inmod Modern Rugs

Rugs are one of the simplest ways to transform the look of a room. There’s no prep work or installation required, yet entire rooms can be changed. All of the rugs featured here at available at Inmod.  The first image features the Stellar Area Rug (left) and the Boy Next Door Area Rug (right). The image directly above shows the (top) Bistro Loft Kandy Rug, HZL Fever Fever Rug by Henzel, HZL Fusion Martinique Lounge Rug by Henzel (bottom) Chelsea Canyon Rug, HZL Flash Chaumont Lounge Rug by Henzel, and the Chelsea Salsa Rug.

About Alexandra Dedovitch

Alexandra Dedovitch has a B.A. in Multimedia Communications and English. She is a professional writer, artist and designer. Her passion for writing, travel and design has led her to settle her roots in Arizona, a hub for modern and eclectic style. She is the founder of Folk Heart Creations, a blog dedicated to travel and self-expression through art and design. She has worked for Inmod since 2013, both in-house and freelance.

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