Have a Ball!


This week we are celebrating the Independence of the beautiful United States here at Inmod! To kick off one of our favorite holidays, we are hosting exclusive sales on our modern classics and other products. Jump start your celebration by savings over sixty percent at our July 4th Home Sales Event!

Throughout this week, on the Inmod Blog, we will be highlighting our “Made in the USA” product line.   These products come from a variety of innovative, forward thinking, modern companies and individuals that are scattered across the glorious U.S. Pay homage to your favorite classics with Made in the USA today!

Featured Product:  Custom Ball Chairs

When Inmod first debuted in 2003, we brought the classic style of the iconic Eero Aarnio Style Ball Chair back – with a modern twist. With over forty different selections of upholstery, and a multitude of shell colors, you have a variety of color combinations to choose from! Each chair is produced with precision and intricate attention to every detail. We offer a speaker or mp3 upgrade, as well as an optional ottoman! See more product information here: Kick up your feet, and have a ball!!


Color Collective


Get this modern dining look by assembling a color study of fun dining chairs around a classic dining table! Mix and match chair styles and hues to create a functional work of art–

Chorus-Apartment-Ganna-Design-7-600x750design milk



Umea Arm Chair - Click to enlarge










Southern Lovin’

kitchen,diningroom,entrance,home,layout,windows-a48388559240cbce60117bfa27681df1_hFew things exist that are comparable to the magic of the South. The South is rich with history, and friendly folks who are more than happy to tell you all about it. Some of the best cooking I have ever had, came from the beautiful cities of New Orleans to Atlanta. The natives turn out dishes that feed not only your stomach but also your soul. (Chicken Pot Pie, Jambayla, Mac & Cheese…I could go on forever!) And boy, that Southern Hospitality is comparable to none. These are just a few of the characteristics that make this region of the states so appealing. Another thing that southerners do with there heart and soul – is design with comfort. Today’s inspiration comes from a southern farmhouse style kitchen. Natural, rustic elements and modern designs come together to make this room come together in a unique way that is sure to charm anyone who sets their boots in this room! Check out Southern Lovin’ Inmod Style below!yhst-69328165909994_2369_10021614255yhst-69328165909994_2369_9041789622398CLNABimagesmahdis clockyhst-69328165909994_2369_21721104916Soma Dining Table // Tenderloin Dining Chair // Ritz Pendant Lamp // Honeycomb Vase // Mahdis Clock //  Aga Sideboard


Dynamic Duo


Yet another innovative, modern design brought to us by Euro Style. Bonnies (and gentlemen) meet your “Clyde”. This unique table is perfect for any size home, restaurant, bar or café. It easily transitions from a standard counter height table of 26.5 inches, to a bar table of 36.5 inches. All it takes is a simple push of the gas lift button conveniently placed underneath the table top – and you go from a quiet dinner to conversation and cocktails. While the dynamics in this duo are with another lady, (the Agnes Stool), we find the pair no less dashing than the original pair! Available in a variety of colors, including black, red, silver and white – these molded ABS and steel pieces are the perfect solution for a versatile household or business. Easy set up, clean up and dress up, you really can’t go wrong. Perfect for children and adults alike- this set is suitable for all tastes and pockets! Steal these pieces now, and get a way while you can!


Simple Elegance


Expert wood craftsmanship meets modern art through the Isometric Chair by Kalon Studios. This truly innovative design was created by utilizing a CNC machine to create furniture out of flat sheets of material. Simplicity and modesty  are the first things that come to mind when one sees the Isometric, however, this chair is the product of a complex design process which makes it that much more interesting. While its background is complex, it holds the timeless elegance of classic wood furniture reminiscent of a time when each piece of wood was hand carved and took days upon days to construct.

The Isometric truly the main attraction of any room it is put in, whether it is used at the dining room table or as an accent chair. While Kalon manufactures several pieces, this was the very first product of the line. Offered in Ash, White Oak, Bamboo and Black Walnut, it comes in a plethora of finishes that would surely suit any taste and decor. The finishes can even be mixed up for a different edgy look, and still look just as amazing! The most unique part about these chairs (and my personal favorite element of this line) is the option to have the furniture engraved. Different patterns include Honeysuckle, Trumpet and Fern. Aside from being Eco-Friendly, durable, and locally made, these chairs are truly an investment that will last a lifetime. See the Isometric Chair and the rest of the line here.

Isometric Line By Kalon