One Stop Table Top Shop

1dbc8316727cb9be23288b5ca829ab7cWith the upcoming cluster of holidays, who has time to run around to put together a beautiful tablescape ? Not many of us, I know. Between busy work, school and other schedules, we really don’t have the time or patience to devote energy to creating a masterpiece like the one pictured above. It takes determination, several trips to several stores, and a certain dedication to achieve a beautiful, yet modern tablescape. Which is why we invite you to escape the madness of holiday preparation, and hit our one stop table top shop! We have everything you need to create the perfect tablescape for the upcoming season, and in modern fashion. Mix it up with some metallic pieces and fun shapes for some festive fun. Check out our autumn rustic-chic inspired table top items, and make Inmod your first & last stop!

yhst-69328165909994_2383_2269030801Bamboo Bread Board

Lorena-Gaxiola-La-Loteria-4-Piece-Dinnerware-SetLoteria Dinnerware Set

yhst-69328165909994_2381_20011293804Stainless Steel Teak Flatware

yhst-69328165909994_2381_21260002431Teakwood Free form Plates

yhst-69328165909994_2383_1711030602Parisian Votive

yhst-69328165909994_2381_21132614817Teak Wood Candle Holder – Small

yhst-69328165909994_2381_21745993390Phase Vase


Old World Charm

PicMonkey CollageA long time ago, travel was an exclusive opportunity available to the wealthy, well connected, or extremely ambitious. Today, we are fortunate to have several avenues of transportation, and travel is feasible for almost anyone and everyone – you could pick up and go where ever and when ever you’d like. Let’s imagine for a moment that we were back in time before the magnificent invention of the airplane, train, or bus. Before this, people could read about the exotic locations they wanted to travel to and educate themselves on the ways of the locals. They could utilize maps to figure out what was where – or to plan a voyage if they had the assets. When friends and family members would trot the globe, they would visit and tell stories of their journeys and everyone would be all ears – never knowing if they’d experience the same.  While it’s hard to imagine a time like this existed, it surely did. Which is why the design of that era included grandiose libraries, maps, and comfortable furniture to relax in and accommodate guests.  We’re charmed by Old World ways, and sure you will be too! Check out our Old World Charm inspired pieces!

Chocolaterie Decorative Boxes // Map of the City // Distressed Book Ends

Christopher Globe Statue // Aero Side Table // Sculpture Area Rug // Teak Bookcase with Door

Barstow Chair // Birmingham Sofa // Barstow Chair



Autumn in New York

yhst-69328165909994_2380_504761932There is something special about autumn in New York. Songs have been composed about it, movies are made based on it, poems written about it – and today we’re channeling it through modern design. Marsala hues, terracotta structures, brownstone buildings and skyscrapers splashed across a silvery skyline…they all make for a particular type of magic. Which is why I chose this lovely photograph of Central Park in the fall for today’s color inspiration. Modern, yet classic and diverse in every way, the city that never sleeps is enchanted in the fall, and we are certainly memorized. Our modern classic pieces come together with diversity and unite in a beautiful way, just like the beautiful city that is New York! Feel autumn in New York all year round, no matter where you are.PicMonkey Collage

Finn Juhl Style Model 1 Chair,  City Life Wall Decor, Peacock Canvas Pillow

Singular Sofa

Futaba Coffee Table/Loveseat, Sean Dix Prima Cabinet, Stem Pedestal, Festival Area Rug


Low Profile

20150219_1424388020_Canopy Bed_Matt Garcia_Stratford HouseWhile the PCH Series furniture is low profile, it does anything but blend in. It demands attention. With sleek lines, hand crafted teak wood composition, and a hint of metallic silver – it fuses Japanese style traditional furniture with modern eclecticism. The Japanese style of furniture making has always incorporated a certain zen and earthiness into it, as do the PCH Series pieces. Furniture was made from natural resources, and most homes incorporated neutral earthy tones into design and decor. The idea behind this was that all things come from earth – or the ground, and one should stay rooted in such or as close as possible. These beliefs as well as being spatially efficient provided for the need of low to the ground furniture. These innovative designs were used for decades, and still are utilized as they are space efficient. Modern, efficient, and culturally inspired – keep a low profile with the PCH Series by Mash Studios.yhst-69328165909994_2385_1834753125




Feeling Green

03-reader-winnerThe top color for  kitchens in the 1960’s was avocado green. Isn’t it beautiful? I know when you first saw the photo you felt a certain nostalgia. Either for that kitchen from that hit 60’s tv show- or from your own youth, this color has to hit home in some way. Even if it doesn’t – it should make you feel homey. Green is one of the most popular kitchen color choices, whether it’s the walls, furniture or decor – because it evokes an ethereal warmness that you cannot help but love. We at Inmod are feeling green – (especially this classic hue), but it a good way! Check it out:

Lucy Dining Chair

 yhst-69328165909994_2384_1153085200  Basin Dish Rackyhst-69328165909994_2381_27510400459

Chopfolder Cutting Boardyhst-69328165909994_2381_27225369592Isabella Leather Side Chair



Pumpkin Pickin’


There are so many reasons I love the fall. The smell of crisp autumn air, the beautiful hues of red, yellow and orange leaves adorning tree tops and sidewalks, listening to the wind whistling around while snuggled up with a good book and a comfy blanket on a Sunday afternoon… there are so may reasons to love Autumn. One of the major reasons I  love the fall – and I’m sure many could agree – is pumpkin flavored/scented everything. Coffee, pie, candles, the list goes on. The down side of that is, for the most part these items are limited to the season only. On the upside, we do have pumpkin picks that are available all year round.  While this is available in a plethora of colors, the Splitback Sofa in Burnt Orange by Innovations is one of my favorite pieces. It’s ideal for guestrooms, living rooms and apartment spaces as it easily transitions into a lounger, sofa or bed. This warm hued pumpkin colored sofabed is a great addition no matter were you put it, bringing warmth, convenience and comfort  to any room. Pair it with the Splitback Chair and I promise you’ll fall in love all year round.

yhst-69328165909994_2383_1586885679 yhst-69328165909994_2383_1586958931 home-2013---splitback-sofa-wood---mixed-dance-burned-orange-01-524---sit-position yhst-69328165909994_2383_1586015554


Get Glam with Inmod

Luxurious tufted beds and chairs, gold and silver gleaming mirrors, and glistening metallic finished accent pieces are among the many fabulous pieces included in the Hollywood Glam Collection brought you exclusively by Inmod. In the 1950’s, Beverly Hills was a place where the streets were paved with gold, and light up by the latest starlettes’ names that dotted the skies. Black and white film didn’t do justice to these beauties, but they did in turn inspire a colorful lifestyle. Fashion, architecture, cinema and design have all been influenced by this dazzling decade, and they have inspired us as well! It was said back then that Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, and they can be yours too today- just indulge in a little bit of vintage decadence with Hollywood Glam, and shine!

PicMonkey CollageCarlyle Side Chair * Etting Accent Table * Madman Wall Canvas * NavajoMirror * Carnegie Chair


Canvas the Area

PicMonkey Collage

While you probably have thoroughly furnished, decorated, primped, and adorned your home or office space, I encourage you to Canvass the area – or Canvas it! Search through our collection of wall decor that will make you rethink your set up – and realize that you may just need an addition or two to make things pop! With so may different styles, colors, and prints to select from, it may be tough just to choose one! So, see our pics above for inspiration or check out our Wall Prints & Canvas Collection. Whether you’re into city ‘scapes, geometric shapes – or the latest phase, we’ve got you covered!

Earthy Stripes // Horse I // Gold Skyline


Puppy Love


Here at Inmod, we’re pet friendly. So naturally, we are celebrating National Dog Day. Today we celebrate all great things involving our fuzzy friends. From the warmhearted – tail wagging greetings we get after a long day at work – to being a constant source of entertainment and laughter, there are so many reasons to love your loyal pal. Whether you have a petite pooch, or a K9, chances are they are a huge part of your life. After all, they don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing! Show your puppy to your best friend for all that they do with one of our comfy Doggie lounges by Fatboy (pictured above and below), or our other dog day picks below!PicMonkey Collage

Buddy Photo Display Avalisa Dog Canvas – Anigram Dog Ring Holder


Color of the year: Marsala

Pantone – the leading global authority on color and color technology systems has announced the color of the year! And the award goes to. …


Marsala, as described by Pantone is “a naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.” And how accurate that description is! Pantone inspires all industries, from technology to fashion to furniture – so if you haven’t seen this lovely lush color adorning walls and clothing – chances are you will soon. This is a trend we aren’t going to miss out on, and neither should you! We love this rich, warm, comforting hue and find it fitting for the upcoming fall season. Marsala is the perfect solution for a living room that needs a little life via statement wall, or the go-to hue for fall inspired decor. It can be blended with lighter versions for a subtle look, or paired with gold for more of a regal aesthetic. We love this color – and know you will too – check Inmod’s Marsala picks below! PicMonkey Collage

Custom Fredrik Kayser Style Model 711 Armchair // Rosewood Condiment Dish

Peacock Pillow

Bristol Area Rug // Dolcevita Dining Chair