Puppy Love


Here at Inmod, we’re pet friendly. So naturally, we are celebrating National Dog Day. Today we celebrate all great things involving our fuzzy friends. From the warmhearted – tail wagging greetings we get after a long day at work – to being a constant source of entertainment and laughter, there are so many reasons to love your loyal pal. Whether you have a petite pooch, or a K9, chances are they are a huge part of your life. After all, they don’t call them man’s best friend for nothing! Show your puppy to your best friend for all that they do with one of our comfy Doggie lounges by Fatboy (pictured above and below), or our other dog day picks below!PicMonkey Collage

Buddy Photo Display Avalisa Dog Canvas – Anigram Dog Ring Holder


Color of the year: Marsala

Pantone – the leading global authority on color and color technology systems has announced the color of the year! And the award goes to. …


Marsala, as described by Pantone is “a naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls.” And how accurate that description is! Pantone inspires all industries, from technology to fashion to furniture – so if you haven’t seen this lovely lush color adorning walls and clothing – chances are you will soon. This is a trend we aren’t going to miss out on, and neither should you! We love this rich, warm, comforting hue and find it fitting for the upcoming fall season. Marsala is the perfect solution for a living room that needs a little life via statement wall, or the go-to hue for fall inspired decor. It can be blended with lighter versions for a subtle look, or paired with gold for more of a regal aesthetic. We love this color – and know you will too – check Inmod’s Marsala picks below! PicMonkey Collage

Custom Fredrik Kayser Style Model 711 Armchair // Rosewood Condiment Dish

Peacock Pillow

Bristol Area Rug // Dolcevita Dining Chair


Aviation Admiration

August 19th is known as National Aviation Day, and was proclaimed as such in honor of Orville Wright’s accomplishments – as well as his birthday. The first pair of aviators out of the United States were Orville and his brother, Wilbur. Together they changed history forever, breaking barriers and being the first to take flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1907. At the turn of the Industrial Revolution – the first airplane took flight after many failed attempts. After various attempts to construct the perfect aircraft, they perfecting the design. Utilizing metals, spruce wood, and other materials, they built a machine that would change the world as we know it forever. Today’s airplanes are much different, constructed out of more sophisticated materials, and used to transport passengers, medicines, and for so many more meaningful reasons. However, let’s not forget how it all started. Here at Inmod, we love celebrating ground breaking ideas and innovative creations, so we’re showing our admiration today with of our aviation inspired picks below!

PicMonkey Collage

Left & Right Ends: Simonite Wall Lamp Container Sideboard Buffet, Aircraft Wall CanvasIndustrial Cart Coffee Table



PicMonkey CollageAdmit it. You’re guilty – or has social media had you framed? Endless graduation parties, weddings, and family events probably have your Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites clogged up with photos. Don’t let your photos live on social media when they deserve to be adorning your walls – (no worries, I’m guilty of this as well!) Here’s an idea – send them to print and snag one of these fabulous frames by Umbra! Whether you are decorating your dorm room, or livening up your living space with your favorite captured memories – there is a frame for you. Check out some of my favorites below! Get Framed – by Umbra. 

Top Left to Right:

Instapic Floppy Frame – perfect for those #tbt pics =)

Snap Frame – set of 9, personalize the molded plastic frame with dry erase pens!

Instapic TV Frame – bringing back memories of it’s own of the unfortunate times you had to get up to change the channel…

You & Me Frame – too cute for words!

Clipline Photo Display – a collage for the overly organized


Put a Ring on it

yhst-69328165909994_2375_1023928134If you liked it…you should of put a ring on it. No worries, you still can. The Saturn Mirror by Moe’s Home Collection is reminiscent of Saturn’s magnificent and mystifying countless rings. While it has merely a fraction or the rings its namesake does, it emulates just as much magnificence boasting wonderfully crafted intertwined gold iron rings. The sleek yet simplistic curvy design will bring a sensual addition to any room. Pair it with  another metallic – like the Sputnik Antique Brass Lamp, Phase Vase (available in Bronze or Silver), or the Skyline End Table and make any room out of this world. Put a ring on it while you still can. =)PicMonkey Collage


Urbn Legend

Urban legends…the tales of folk lore that have been changed, twisted and fluffed to keep up with pop culture. We have all heard them at one point in time, some tales are more believable than others. Truth is, no one really has any justification or facts to base these legends on. Until today.

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See it, and believe it. Urbn, a collection by Modloft is quickly becoming something that you’ll want to spread the word about. These items are unique in design – innovative and functional – and will serve every purpose you need them to. Combining traditional comfort, modern concepts, and attention grabbing color combinations, these pieces are not something you’ll want to change any time soon. It’s that legendary. Create your own legend with Urbn.

Pictured above: Klaus Base & Modular Shelving, Torvi Ottoman, Dolf Round Coffee Table, Dolf Side Table


Lime in the Coconut

1080df62ca1b3e7809d98808433a0cb9How amazing is the Coconut Chair? A refreshingly accurate reproduction, this piece is available as an in stock option (classic white shell and black leather upholstery) so you don’t have to wait for this to ripen – or you could harvest your own and order with custom fabric options. My personal favorite is the light green Polyester woven, which is now offered on most of our special order products. It is almost a lime green, but not quite as demanding as you would imagine it to be. The fabric is super soft and makes this chair even more comfortable that it already is. I think it would look great with a green shell as well – (see inspiration picture above), however not everyone can handle that much green. I think green is refreshing all year round and is always a great idea, but if you don’t – white or black is always a safe choice! No matter what combination you decide, you can’t go wrong! So go ahead – put the lime in the coconut, drink them both up!

Nelson Style Coconut Lounge


Made Modern

Some are born with style, for others it’s a learned attribute. Why take the chance either way? You don’t have to risk it with the Echo Crib by Kalon Studios. This bold yet delicate maple masterpiece is the perfect addition for your new addition, and will echo style in years to come.
This crib easily converts into a platform style Toddler bed, and will transition as your child does. Whether you decide to stick to a more natural look with the oil finish or kick it up a modern notch with a fresh White finish – this piece will tie in with any color scheme or décor.  We love Kalon for so many different reasons, and this piece is definitely one of them! Check out Kalon Studios Echo Crib – made modern with style, just like your child will be!



Extending the branch

31d3077fee8db837f798a1e092fa863dRemember how much admiration you had for that old, beautiful umbrella tree in your neighborhood? I know I do. We used to love sitting beneath the shade of the ancient oak tree to cool us off in the heat of the summer. I used love to admire the unique patterns of the bark and would just be in awe of the beauty of this magnificent piece of earth, so old yet remarkable. Bring back the nostalgia of yesteryear with a piece of hand crafted Suarina Wood (shown in table above). Brought to us by International Contemporary Design, these tables, benches and consoles boast a unique pattern – no two pieces are alike. The wood is harvested from the massive Suar Tree, which are planted singularly to provide shade, as they have gorgeous umbrellas. They are unique as the wood from the tree has natural fissures, holes and cracks which add to the aesthetic of the pieces once they are turned into these works of art. While some might appreciate the subdued look of some of these pieces, some prefer a sleeker, cleaner look. We love them all – and we know you will too! And so, Inmod would like to extend a branch to you – grab on here!


White Wonderland

Inspiration via The Interior Project

There is nothing more refreshing than an all white room. Sure, one might assume that it may gather dust and marks easier than any other color. While this might be true in some cases, it all depends on the fabrics, textiles and materials you’re working with. While white does require more maintenance and attention than other shades, you cannot dispute that it might just be worth taking the extra work on! All white is invigorating, modern and chic. And no worries, it’s not just a summer trend, this breezy look can be swapped out for heavier textiles, and winter whites and ivories  can be just as captivating as our White Wonderland inspiration pic. Check out our inspired pieces below!


ModRest Lyrica Bed with Tall Headboard // Florence Floating Console // Avalon Duvet

Dot Squared Ottoman // Brella Arc Lamp // Omnia Vase